Your benefits at a glance

  • High-quality warranty service
  • Number of additional benefits
  • Speed, service availability, background of a stable and growing parent company
  • Wide range of post-warranty services will cover all the needs associated with the areal care for the bed fund
  • Professional installation and staff training for the proper functioning and use of the functions
  • Workshops and professional training courses that provide information on the benefits of LINET beds in practice
  • Three levels of educated technicians which are periodically trained
  • Possibility of training directly in your hospital
  • 100% quality and reliability
  • The spare parts are available immediately
  • All the parts and technologies used are tested and functional – all for maximum safety when using the beds, mattresses and other products.
  • Particular care dedicated to S-parts - key parts of bed
  • The safety-technical inspection is one of the basic conditions for the safe operation of the beds
  • The inspection is carried out by a certified LINET worker and includes a review of both the state of the bed's electronic components and of all the mechanical safety components, such as the brakes, side rails etc.
  • The LINET Group's authorized servicing operation also includes cleaning of beds, including their components, and an upgrade of their functions and software
  • During service interventions we use the latest technology and smart aplications
  • Bed diagnostics  - Beds are equipped with their own hardware and software for monitoring and assessing various parameters
  • All service data can be available online
  • Troubleshooting mobile application

Pricing information

Prices of products are calculated individually. We always find customized solutions. For more information or an offer please fill out the form.



Leslie Smith Managing Director UK 

Leslie Smith
Managing Director UK

"By entering into and concluding the contract we assume liablility for the professional inspection and maintenance of the safe function of beds and mattresses. A great benefit is lower costs associated with compulsory inspections or quick intervention in post-warranty repairs."

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